New Year, New Plan: Review for 5 Dates a Man Plan: One woman’s inspiriung journey in goal-setting and girlfriend camaraderie


With that in mind I thought today would be perfect to post the review for 5 Dates… A Man Plan.

Love, weight loss, and getting out of debt are the top three Resolutions so here is my contributions to those of you looking to get back into the dating game and a plan to revamp if you have been on the court for a while.    040

I found this book in a unique way. In my day job I talk to people and help the trouble shoot their tech over the phone. So when I get a chance to talk about something more interesting than ” have you turned it off” I jump at it. So when I found out the nice lady I was helping not only had an App out but the App went along with a book…. well paint me sold.

I will admit I did not read the whole title at first. It was catchy enough with out the subtitle but without it this book would be lost with other books of similar title. (One is VERY grown up. Happy hunting .)  I went in to it with seriously no expectations other than to go with Susie on her Man Plan dates. I knew I would laugh that was no doubt. The nice lady on the phone was hilarious. I was not disappointed. I did not expect to end the book feeling like one of her inner circle. Susie Ashmore writes with the tone of that girlfriend you have known for years.  Her story is instantly recognizable to its core and the 5 date plan is brilliantly simple.  Within the first three pages I was seeing pieces of the girl I was the last time I was heart broken. And I really wish The 5 Date Plan had been around then too.
The book itself is a breezy read and you find yourself reflecting on things you read long after you put it down. She doesn’t shy away from showing her vulnerability and honest feelings about the whole process. Her style is conversational without feeling false.  Her  I have to admit to giggling at the classically edited curse words… S*#% ect. I respect so much that she felt her ” no curse” lifestyle was important enough to carry it through to her writing.
I loved seeing the actual emails from her ” tribe” of girls. They are so real and warm. By the end of the book I wanted to start emailing E.  Just reading the emails is enough to rolling.  Susie hides behind nothing while sharing this with us. I  was curled up reading this after a midnight download…. love those…  and laughed loud enough to wake up my guy when she was in panic mode about what could have been self inflicted social leprosy.
Bottom line I really love the humility and self love that Susie shows to herself while shining a white hot light on jumping back into the game on her terms. You don’t have to be single or even female to be inspired.  And if you are single this is a brilliant, straight forward approach to get you back out and dating.
 Check out the App available on the authors site and  in Apple App store under the same name. I have enjoyed playing with it just to see what it offers. Its your own note book for planning your 5 Dates.  If you review it send me the link and I’ll add it here. 😀
Off to my reading spot.
I love,
5 Dates…  A Man Plan: One woman’s inspiring journey in goal-setting and girlfriend comaraderie
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total read time  2hrs 11min

Hello World!

My nana the most intuitive person I know
My nana the strongest most influential, elegant  women I know.

Hello World!  My name’s Belle! What’s yours?

Y’all have no idea how long I’ve wanted to say that.  I Love Gypsy Rose Lee. Since I was a little girl I’ve been fascinated by strong women. Gypsy, Jackie O, and my own Nana. They all seem so wonderfully comfortable in their skin. They know who they are and they let no one shame them for it. I want to be that kind of woman. So this longing has lead me to take the first steps onto my yellow brick road.

Enter Hayhouse Radio.  I really wouldn’t be putting myself out into the world in a blog had I not been listening.  So Then I had another thought, why not review the wonderful books I’m already reading by Hayhouse Authors?  Thanks to My Love for supporting my journey

One foot on my path,


Mindvalley’s Intuition Master Class with Sonia Choquette

I just finished the Intuition Master Class with Sonia Choquette offered by Mindvalley FREE!


When I fist saw the post on Facebook for this class I had no idea Mindvalley existed. Naturally, I did my research on them before I signed up. I have been taken through courses that promise to deliver insight to this or that only to find out I have to fill out the same workbook as the last course.

This course was so very different form every thing I imagined it would be. It was a very quick walk through seven tools the turn on what Sandra calls the Intuition Light that we are all born with. Right from the start she made it clear that gurus and those people we see as being special are not the only ones able to tap into their intuition.

For those of you who missed it or had no idea it was being offered I’m going to share a short run down of what was given to us with such grace and generosity.

The Tools:  Sandra gave us seven tools that quickly put us where we need to be in order to reach the place of inner knowing.

#1     The I Wonder Exercise: Just start asking out loud the simple question ” I wonder…”  I wonder why the sky is blue? I wonder why my favorite color right now is heather grey? I wonder why chocolate is the best thing on the planet?   Hearing your voice triggers your ” listening brain.” It also puts you in a state of readiness to receive messages from your intuition. It is suggested to do this a few times a day.

#2     Quick Mind Quiet technique: Doing this with her during class was so amazing. First you put your tongue behind your lower teeth just on the ridge. Now exhale like that. Exhale all the air in your lungs. Now inhale, feel the air filling all that space, expanding. Next you are going to open your mouth like you would for a yawn until you hear a click. Remember to keep your tongue behind your lower teeth.  Now exhale all the air from your lungs. now breathe in. Do it again Notice how centered you feel in your body.

#3     Notice Things Around You Out Loud: Okay so most of us don’t notice the subtle things but I have a hard time seeing the obvious things too. Start with the obvious. there is my computer, there is my water, there is my e-cig. This keeps you in the present moment. Saying these things out loud makes your ” listening brain” tune in. Once you are in your present moment you can start picking up on the more subtle things like does “x” feel right for me in this moment? I has so much fun with this one today. I saw things in my office that had become part of the background it was like having a brand new space.

#4     Emptying the Trash: This one was harder for me. In this exercise you empty yourself of all the emotional yuck you keep around. Sounds impossible right? Take a deep breath, repeat Tool #1 if need be. Now OUT LOUD start admitting what you fear. They don’t have to be real fears. Like I am terrified of clowns. I fear my love will go back to his ex and all these years we have spent together have been one big lie and a joke to him. (See what I mean?)  Sandra says the real trick to this is to listen to yourself like you would if you were alone in your home and heard a creek or a door shut. Do this exercise quickly. Rapid fire with little space between the fears so you don’t get caught thinking about them. You just want to name them and get them out in the open so they can fall away.

#5     Scanning Your Own Body:  In this exercise you just need to start by setting your feet on the floor and feeling yourself firmly rooted.  and relax. You have to ask three questions as you scan yourself. Who is this, What is this. When is this. Is this feeling related to a person? Is it related to a thing or emotion? Is this related to an event past, present or future? See what answers you get. Nothing is wrong.  Now place one hand on the top of your head and the other on your heart and breathe. Being scanning from your feet up in pieces. Toes to knees. Notice any pain, tightness, anything you feel there. Then move  knees to thighs, thighs to pelvis ect. until you have scanned yourself head to toe. Once you have this down you can start to scan other things and ask yourself what do I need to know about this or that? Is this something that is helpful or correct for me right now?

#6     19 Solutions: Okay this one sounds insane but go withe Sandra on it. We are taught that there is only one solution to every problem. This is really only true in math and maybe Cricket. For this one every problem has nineteen solutions. Say them out loud (notice a theme?) and count them off. Be silly, be practical, be free to let yourself roam the realm of possibilities. There is again no right or wrong here. You should delete this question of rightness from your life. Voicing the nineteen solutions gives you a chance to have a conversation with yourself.

This leads to a great tip from Sandra name your intuition. In naming it you can activate that part of your brain by saying ” I am going to talk to Ruby SoHo about this.”

#6.5  The only questions your need to ask yourself about your intuition are: Does this feel True to me?  So how do you know all this is isn’t just made up? Sandra wants us to give ourselves permission to “make it up”. Your imagination is the front door to your intuition. But to know the difference between “made up” and Truth is actually simple. Truth will feel easy. It will be an ” Ah ha”. It won’t feel forced. It won’t feel like you are reaching for the answers you seek.

#7 Before You Speak Breathe with the Person You are with: Just notice the cadence of their breath and join in for a few of them. Let yourself wonder about them. How can I serve them? How are they feeling? How can I meet them where they are? How can I support them? I did this with every customer I had today and it made a HUGE impact.

We did a really wonderful meditation and I was so into doing it that I didn’t get to take notes on the steps we took. I am sure if we asked Sandra being as amazing as she is would post her Room to Breathe Meditation for us.

Check out these links

I plan to play with these tools for a while. Sonia says that this should be done in a playful way and I promise it is fun once you try it.